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Product Description

The Grating Clip by BeamClamp is a cost effective method of securing steel grating to existing structural steel members. Clamping the grating eliminates costly and time consuming welding and drilling. No access below the grating is required, resulting in a quick and simple installation.

The Grating Clip can be installed with a flat head screwdriver and can be easily removed allowing the grating to be re-positioned or removed for maintenance purposes. The Grating Clip will suit grating bar widths from 1-3⁄16'' to 1-5⁄8'' and grating bar depths up to 2'' deep to ensure that most standard grating sections can be accommodated.

Technical Data

Product code: GRAT 1G08; Screw diameter: M08; Min grating width: 30 mm; Max grating width: 41 mm; Max grating depth: 50 mm

Additional Information

For Use With Secure Steel Grating to Existing Steel Structure
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