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  • Simple Table Leg - Aluminium

Simple Table Leg - Aluminium

Our Simple Table Legs allows you to create a complete table from a huge range of materials, simply fixing the legs to the underside of the material is all that is required to create a simple, but effective table.

  • Looks Great - The Kee Lite fittings and aluminium tube give a clean, modern, industrial look.
  • Strong, Stable and Solid - Unlike flimsy alternatives, table legs built with Kee Lite are solid, stable and built to last and the strength only limited to the fixing point they are attached to.
  • Reusable - If you find you need to reconfigure or dismantle your table, the fittings can easily be undone and used in the future with additional tube and fittings.

Using size 7 Aluminium fittings and tube (42.4 O/D), the legs provide a strong base for a table to sit on.


Select the Footing Option for your Simple Table Leg

Plastic Capped

Using a basic end cap in the end of the tube will provide protection to the floor surface from the raw tube and will prevent scratching, cost effective option and provides a simple, clean look.


Base Fitting

Adding a second base fitting to the end of the leg allows for better weight distribution or allows you to fix down into the floor, creates a stable footing and provides an industrial feel.


Colour Coating Available

If you wish the tube and/or fittings to be colour coated, we offer this service and can provide a huge range of colour options, if this is something you are interested in, please contact us directly

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