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L148 - Heavy Duty Flange-Blank

Type L148 is a structural base fixing used to fix down guardrailing and balustrading. This fitting is available with either 2 or 4 fixing holes which are sufficient diameter to give a good fixing with either a mechanical or chemical anchor. The two socket set screws give greater stability to the upright. It is recommended that fixing holes be in-line with the applied load.

Technical Data


L148 [tech]
L148 Drawing [tech]
Model Measurements (in.) Weight (lbs.)
Model Measurements (mm) Weight (kgs)
Brand Kee Lite
Material Aluminium
Fitting Function Flange
Loads A Kee Lite component (size 6 to 9) can support an axial load of 800Kg. per set screw with the set screw tightened to a torque of 39Nm (rating includes a safety factor of 2:1)
Set Screw Case hardened steel, Kee Koat corrosion resistant coating
Standards Not Applicable

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OD = Outer Diameter / NB = Nominal Bore
Price Model Fits Tube Qty
ex VAT £35.30 inc VAT £42.36
L148-9 OD: 60.3mm
NB: 50mm