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Simplified Building - Kee Klamp®, FastClamp®, Kee Lite®, Fixings, Handrail

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The Kee


Unfamiliar with Kee components? Click on the link below for more information on Kee Klamp and Kee Lite fittings.

The Kee Concept


Kee Klamp

KeeLite Option

Kee Klamp tube fittings are used to create a connection between metal tubes, their simple design requires no welding, specialist training or equipment, a simple hex key is all that is required!

Made from Galvanised Steel, a standard Kee Klamp is made to last, naturally resistant to corrosion, you can leave a Kee Klamp in the harshest of environments for years and not see the slightest hint of rust.

The Kee Klamp range has been developed to suit most tube types and has been designed to allow you to create any tubular structure you can conceive.

We also offer a Polyester powder coating service that allows you to change the colour of your design. Click here for the Polyester Powder Colour Coating Calculator.

  1. 79 [tech]

    79 - Sheeting Clip

    Starting at: ex VAT £1.51 inc VAT £1.81

  2. 81 [tech]

    81 - Single Sided Clip (Sold in bags of 10)

    Starting at: ex VAT £1.62 inc VAT £1.94

  3. 82 [tech]

    82 - Double Sided Clip (Sold in bags of 10)

    Starting at: ex VAT £2.67 inc VAT £3.20

  4. 105 [tech]

    105 - Sheeting Clip w/o Hardware

    Starting at: ex VAT £2.51 inc VAT £3.01