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pre-built handrail posts

Building a handrail using tube and fittings can be a daunting task, so why not simplify things with our pre-built handrail posts? These posts have been designed to make the installation as easy as possible, just add tube!

Designing your handrail couldn’t be easier, using the standard pre-built handrail post options available set at 1.5m intervals and allowing for changes in pitch using the appropriate post.

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pre-built handrail posts

Whether you are building a traffic barrier, pedestrian walkway or a simple handrail our pre-assembled posts are ideal for any level of experience in constructing handrail.

If you are building a barrier extending from a wall, simply use a 61-8 fitting then use our modular handrail posts to construct your system.

Our post options are available to construct nearly any configuration.

For our range of additional fittings including the 61-8, visit our Kee Klamp page, or if you are looking for tube to complete your project, visit here: