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DIY Table Legs

Quick Install, Simple DIY Table Legs

Kee Klamp fittings and Kee Lite fittings are ideal for when strength and flexibility is required, many of our customers contact us asking for the best way to create tables or benches made from unusual materials, from re-furbished doors, reclaimed wood to railway sleepers! and wanting to create unusual, practical conversation pieces. Fittings are ideal, allowing you to support large amounts of weight with minimum fuss.

These DIY Simple Table Legs are perfect, can be ordered to any length and come with a variety of footing options to best suit your design.

Galvanised Table Legs

Aluminium Table Legs

Galvanised Table Legs
Aluminium Table Legs
Galvanised Table Legs

Made from strong Galvanised steel, these have been designed to provide maximum flexibility and strength.

Aluminium Table Legs

Made from Aluminium, this is a stylish alternative to the Galvanised option while maintaining the majority of the strength.