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DDA Manual

Simplified DDA Railing System Manual

This manual will give you a basic overview of both the DDA guidelines and what is needed to install a Simplified DDA Railing system. This manual contains basic tips, tools and helpful pictures to show you how to work with the Simplified DDA Railing components. This manual clearly calls out how the fittings and tube go together for most DDA handrail configurations.

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DDA Manual Table of Contents

How to Use this Manual

This manual is not meant to provide comprehensive, step-by-step instructions for installing your handrail. Each handrail is different in application and arrangement. This manual is designed to give you the general principals necessary for installing a Simplified DDA Railing. Please read the basic principles and then refer to the diagram that is most relevant to your application.

Which Drawing Do I Use?

Use the table below to determine which drawing(s) in this manual will be of the greatest help to you.

Top Rail DDA Railing
This Diagram (ignore bottom rail)
Top & Mid Rail DDA Railing
This Diagram (ignore bottom rail)
Top, Mid & Bottom DDA Railing This Diagram
Top & Bottom DDA Railing This Diagram
Stair Railing This Diagram
Wall Attachment This Diagram & Additional Diagram

Different DDA Railing Styles

DDA Railings can be designed in several different handrail styles. The image below gives the four different handrail configurations that can be used when designing an DDA handrail. The top rail is the only handrail that is required in all scenarios. Other rails are added for ramps, walkways and other circumstances. If you are unsure which rail arrangement that you need, please talk to our customer service team about which rail arrangement is required for your handrail.

DDA Railing Styles

Example DDA Railing Projects

These renderings represent the different ways that our DDA railing system can be used to create an DDA compliant handrail that fits your needs. Most of these customers come to us with a basic idea of the area that requires a handrail. We then take that information and produce the drawings you see below. If you're ready to get a quote on your DDA Handrail, please visit our DDA Quote page.