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Grating Clips for Steel, Aluminum or Fibreglass Grating

A simple to install, cost effective method for securing steel grating - save installation time... save installation cost!

Grating Clip

The Grating Clip by BeamClamp® is a cost effective method of securing steel grating to existing structural steel members. Clamping the grating eliminates costly and time consuming welding and drilling. No access below the grating is required, resulting in a quick and simple installation.

The Grating Clip can be installed with a flat head screwdriver and can be easily removed allowing the grating to be re-positioned or removed for maintenance purposes. The Grating Clip will suit grating bar widths from 30mm to 41mm and grating bar depths up to 50mm deep to ensure that most standard grating sections can be accommodated.

Technical Data

product code screw dia (mm) grating width (mm) grating depth (mm)
min max max
GRAT 1G08 M08 30 41 50


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Grate Fix

Clamp for Steel, Aluminum and Fibreglass Grating

The GrateFix fastener is a simple method of securely fastening steel, aluminum and fiberglass grating to supporting steelwork. Using only a hexagon key to install, grating can be secured without welding or drilling. The GrateFix fastener is designed to be installed from above the grating by one person. No access below the grating is required resulting in a quick and simple installation. The GrateFix fastener consists of a stepped malleable iron or stainless steel bottom casting complete with screw and saddle clip bracket. All items are available galvanised or in grade 304 stainless steel.

Bracket OptionsBracket Options

In addition to the standard symmetrical bracket for aluminum and fibreglass grating, the stainless steel Grate Fix fastener can be supplied with alternative bracket styles to suit varying bearing bar widths.

Installation Example

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Lower the GrateFix through the open part of the grating, ensure the bracket is seated over the adjacent bearing bars. Slide the GrateFix towards the supporting steelwork flange as far as it will go to ensure maximum clamping force. Tighten the screw and ensure that the lower casting rotates until one of the steps locates on the bearing bar.


Technical Data

product code material/finish screw
width (mm)
torque (Nm)
GF3 S08 ASSY 304 stainless steel M08 0.625 8
GF1 G10 ASSY galvanised malleable iron M10 0.750 5


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