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What makes the BoxBolt different and why use it?

Fast Installation

To tighten down a BoxBolt, an installer must typically use 2 wrenches to install one bolt - one to hold the outer sleeve stationary, and one to turn the inner bolt. 

A Faster Way with BoxSok

The BoxSok adds simplicity to the installation process.  Attached to a regular socket wrench (air powered makes this a snap), it takes the place of both wrenches.  The BoxSok™ has an outer piece that will hold the sleeve of the BoxBolt® stationary, while an inner piece turns the bolt.  This makes what would have been a 4 minute job (per bolt) into a 30 second job. 

boxsok install

A "good" reason to buy an "expensive" socket

  1. Let’s say that the average installer costs £20.00 per hour to have on site (this usually is a very low estimate)
  2. With 2 wrenches, this installer will take approximately 4 min. per bolt to perform the installation, whereas it will take 30 seconds with the BoxSok™.
  3. Let’s also say that you are installing 1000 bolts
  4. If you are saving 3 ½ minutes per bolt, this is equal to over 58 hours of labour.  
  5. Going back to the original amount that our installer is being paid, this equals £1,160 in savings

Other BoxSok benefits consist of:

  1. Less fatigue on the installer
  2. You won’t hold up other aspects of a job while waiting for the bolts to be installed
  3. You will be able to get off of the jobsite faster

Multiple Head Types

The most common head options are shown here. If you require a different style, please contact us via the quote form.

Alternative Box Bolt Heads