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Typical BeamClamp® Configuration

BeamClamp® Assembly This is an example of a typical BeamClamp® assembly used to connect two steel sections together. The assembly consists of a pre-drilled location plate [4] inserted between the two steel sections. An upper set of BeamClamp® components [2] clamp down on the lower flange of the upper beam while a lower set of components [5] work in the opposite direction, clamping the underside of the upper flange of the lower member. Additional packing shims [3] may be used to adjust the clamp to the thickness of the flange being connected. The connection is secured by inserting a bolt [1] through each of the lower clamps, the location plate, the upper clamps and then tightening a nut to the recommended torque. BeamClamp® is pleased to offer a free design service to advise on the appropriate components for your particular assembly. In addition we are pleased to include a quotation for your supply of bolts, nuts, washers and pre-drilled location plates.

1 = SAE Grade 5 bolt, nut and flat washer
2 = BA, BB, BT, or BW; BE1 or BE2 or BK1
3 = BH1, BF1, BG1, BF2 or BG2
4 = Location plate
5 = BA, BB, BT, or BW; BE1 or BE2 or BK1

Automated Configurator

An automated configurator is available for BeamClamp®. This will ask you a number of questions that will help to determine the exact pieces and parts that you need. When you receive the results from the configurator , return to our site and contact our sales team to get a quote on the parts you need.

BeamClamp Configurator

BeamClamp® Configuration Gallery