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BeamClamp® - Engineered Steel Clamping System

An alternative method of securing secondary steelwork and equipment to primary steelwork and I-beams.

An Engineered I-Beam and Steelwork Clamping System

NO Drilling, NO Welding, Fully Adjustable Connection

BeamClamp® products offer an alternative method of securing secondary steelwork and building services equipment to primary steelwork. The BeamClamp® product range, as the name suggests, clamps new steel in position eliminating the need for drilling and welding while providing a high degree of adjustability. The BeamClamp® range features technical innovations that provide a steelwork connection that is stronger, quicker and easier to install than traditional or competitive methods.

Benefits of BeamClamp® Versus Traditional Connection Methods

  • All load capacities clearly stated
  • Guaranteed loads with 5:1 Factor of Safety
  • Hot Dip Galvanized for corrosion protection
  • Hot Work Permits not required
  • Special tools or specialized labor not required
  • On site adjustments easily made
  • Steelwork not weakened
  • Protective coatings not damaged
  • Major savings in installation time
  • Major savings in installation cost
  • Engineering service for connection design
  • Lloyds Register Type Approval

Video Overview of Beam Clamp®