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Accessibility Handrail Kits

Accessibility Handrail Kits

There are a variety of Accessibility handrails on the market, most rely on wooden structures which have to be made to measure or installed by handymen or builders, what if we said there was another way?

Our easy to assemble, Do It Yourself Accessibility Handrail Kits are perfect for a huge array of applications.

The variable angle bracketry of every kit means that the number of stairs or the pitch of the ramp is largely irrelevant, combine this with pre-cut tube and fittings that can be tightened using a standard hex key, this makes this the perfect “at home” DIY kit.

Wall Mounted Handrail

wall mounted handrail

Wall Mounted Handrails are handrails that do not use any upright posts, connecting directly to a wall, existing post or surface.

Floor Mounted Handrail

Floor Mounted Handrails are handrails which come with two upright posts which allow you a greater flexibility of positioning and installation.

Wall to Floor Mounted Handrail

Wall to Floor Mounted Handrails are handrails which utilise both a wall mounted fixing and an upright post, these are perfect handrails for the entrances of buildings or exits into the back garden.

Our video demonstrating how to build a Accessibility Handrail Kit, provides step by step instructions on how to construct your handrail with the minimum of fuss.

All of the accessibility handrail kits are available with a black colour coated option, however custom options are available as a special order.

Both our base galvanised and polyester powder coated kits are weather resistant, and should remain corrosion free for 20+ years!

Made from fittings, our kits can be expanded on and added to if ever required and can be a useful addition to existing systems.

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