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Garage Storage Unit

Project Details

This Garage storage unit demonstrates how a simple design can be incredibly effective, by mounting the storage shelves to the wall, you can extend the top shelf out and allows you to incorporate the overhead lighting, this gives easy and ready access to all of the tools while illuminating the workspace available.

garage storage unit

By resting the shelving over 3 posts, you ensure that the wood will not tip or bow under a large enough weight.

This Garage storage unit is so easy to build and requires no specialist tools; the tube is supplied pre-cut to your requirements, the most difficult part of the project is the drilling of the holes into the wall.

Before The Project:

garage storage unit

After The Project:

garage storage unit

Completed project with intergrated overhead lighting, this simple design allows for able workspace room and more than enough storage to hold all the tools and equipment.

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Please note that tube lengths are not specified as dimensions vary from project to project.


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1261-7 - Wall Connector 1225-7 - Three Socket Tee