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Home Projects Easy to Build DIY Awning Frame

Easy to Build DIY Awning Frame

Project Details

This simple guide has been designed to be a safe and easy way to construct your own Awning frame, measuring 2.112 meters tall, this guide provides all the parts and instructions you require to build your own.

awning guide

Awning Frame.Instructions.

awning guide

awning guide


Qty Part Qty Part
1210-6 - Single Socket Tee 1645-6 - Crossover
462-6 - Base Flange 470-6 - Rail Support
677-6 - End Caps 8.4486-2-G - 4no @ 2.112m
18.286-2-G - 8no @ 2.285m 12.966-2-G - 3no @ 4.32m