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DIY Kitchen Counter

Project Details

It is simply staggering what can be achieved with a little technical knowhow and a bit of creative "kit-bashing", this project from our american office shows how easy it is to create a work counter using Ikea supplied material and KeeKlamp fittings to create an impressive breakfast bar, or worktop counter, This simple design was easily constructed and required very little technical knowhow.

Here is a list of the parts and how they were used (quantities and links shown below).

  • 61-7 - Flanges to attach the counter top to the base.
  • 77-7 - Plastic plugs to protect the floor from the pipe.
  • 10-7 - Tees used on the ends of the support bars and foot bars.
  • 21-7 - Side outlet tees used on corners.
  • 35-7 - Three socket crosses used on the supports in the middle of the table.
  • 7-2-G (size 7 tube) - 6no uprights.
  • 7-2-G (size 7 tube) - 4no long braces.
  • 7-2-G (size 7 tube) - 1no short mid brace.
  • 7-2-G (size 7 tube) - 2no short end braces.

If you require any assistaince designing or constructing something like this, please contact our helpful sales team.


Qty Part Qty Part
661-7 - Base Flange 677-7 - Plastic Cap
410-7 - Single Socket Tee 221-7 - Side Outlet Tee
235-7 - Three Socket Tee -7-2-g - Tube - Various Lengths