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Home Projects DIY Bed Made From Tube

DIY Bed Made From Tube

Project Details

This project was created by one of our american customers, they were looking for an industrial looking, heavy duty bed frame and our Kee Klamp range fit the bill.

The tube, which is cut to length before delivery means that the only tool required is the hex key tool, meaning that this is an ideal DIY project, this bed frame can be constructed and deconstructed with ease and requires no additional tools, training or familiarity with the products.

Using slats from Ikea which you connect directly to the tube, you could also use 10-7's or under-sling the slats using 45-7's to create your own cross bracing to create a very sturdy construction.

The example shown uses Ikea bed slats, which can be purchased here:

Please note that dimensions are approximate and suitable for a standard UK single mattress.


Qty Part Qty Part
210-7 - Single Socket Tee 215-7 - Corner Elbow
220-7 - Side Outlet Elbow 221-7 - Side Outlet Tee
461-7 - Flange 4Size 7 Tube - 0.9m
2Size 7 Tube - 1.9m 4Size 7 Tube - 0.3m
2Size 7 Tube - 1m