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Bulletin Board Room Divider

Project Details

This simple notice board room divider is a great example of an industrial looking partitioning wall, its simple lightweight design and easy to position configuration makes it ideal for a temporary/removable section, alternatively, using base plates, it could be a more permanent addition.

Using KeeLite, it retains its strength and ensures that the system is lightweight and therefore easy to move to a different area of the office or workspace.


The system is pretty simple, it uses several Kee Lite aluminum fittings to connect tube into the basic structure. The structure pivots on a hinge, using the L19 Side Outlet Tee to adjust the individual panels at the desired angles.


The cork boards are available at any normal office supplies store or DIY outlet. They are attached to the divider with some simple panel clips.

The base of this unit uses elbow fittings to give additional stability.


If you need help designing a divider that will work for you, Contact us. Check out our projects gallery for additional ideas.


Qty Part Qty Part
6L10-7 - T connector 10L15-7 - 90 degree corner
4L19-7 - Swivel fitting 47-2-A - Size 7 Aluminium tube @approx 3m
67-2-A - Size 7 Aluminium tube @approx 1m 47-2-A - Size 7 Aluminium tube @approx 0.5m
1281-7 - Panel clip