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Home Projects Build Your Own Space Saving Shelving

Build Your Own Space Saving Shelving

Project Details

Do you have any nooks or crannies in your home which you don't know what to do with?

Why not fill them with a stylish, space saving shelving unit.

DIY Rustic Style Shelves

Using L61-6's to attach the system to the wall, you then use a drilled hole through the shelf itself and using L61-6's to provide the support for the shelves, its a simple, rather elegant design.

DIY Rustic Style ShelvesDIY Rustic Style Shelves

Each support consists of 5 fittings and only uses 1 fitting per shelf meaning that not only is this a low profile solution, its rather cost effective.

Each upright will be custom for each scenario, the solution shows is using 1x 2.6m and 1x 0.2m lengths.


Qty Part Qty Part
3L61-6 - Aluminium Base Flange (per support) 1L15-6 - Aluminium 90 Degree Fitting (per support)
1L10-6 - Aluminium T Fitting (per support) 1L61-6 - Aluminium Base Flange (1 per support for each shelf)
26-3-A - Aluminium Tubing (variable)