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Aluminum Grab Rail

Project Details

Easy to Install Aluminum Grab Rail

This Simple to Install Aluminum Grab rail is a sleek answer to provide an extra bit of support where a handrail is not suitable, its aluminum finish means that not only does it look great, it is corrosion free so it can be used anywhere, outdoors in the garden, to provide an extra handhold getting into the attic, getting up stairs or even an extra support in the shower.

Many people will be put off by the idea of creating this simple Grab rail, however we can show you just how easy it is, the hardest part is drilling the holes in the wall!

To purchase this as a bundle, click here: Simple to Install Aluminum Grab rail


Qty Part Qty Part
2l70-6 - Rail Support 2L84-6 - Metal Cap
10.5 6-3-A - 0.5m Size 6 Aluminum Tube 1Size 6 Allen Key - Size 6 Allen Key
4M8 - Wood Screws