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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Top Five Shelving Ideas (and how to DIY)

top 5 DIY shelving ideas

Through necessity my mind has turned to Shelving units a lot recently, as a father to two children it doesn’t ever seem to matter how much space you have, clutter seems to be a force of nature, there never seems to be any way to stop it!

I am not quite at the point where I am resigned to a clutter filled life and I am (possibly foolishly) still trying to combat the steady encroach of …stuff!

So as I lay out my battle plan, I think “organisation!”, trying to organise my children (who are 3 and 5) which at times is akin to herding cats, so that is a mission set to failure from the outset.

Living in an older style of house (you know, the type with very tall ceilings), I suddenly realised I was wasting very valuable storage space!

I’d already looked at the traditional high street offerings and none of the solutions fitted what I was looking for, i.e. a slim fixed shelving unit that would fit into the corner of the room. The answer was quite literally under my nose!

Fittings are great for industrial, strong furniture, so my mind went into overdrive, coming up with ideas, drawing on ideas from Pinterest and from our own archives I have compiled this little list of 5 ideas and how to DIY! I hope you enjoy it.

Balanced Shelving.

The first in my top 5 utilises an existing idea of our industrial style shelving units, my idea involved using the corner space of rooms more effectively, typical corner units tend to be free standing units that are triangular in shape, I wanted to move away from this idea simply because the majority of corner units wouldn’t use the height of the room effectively and the ones that did, would pose as a tempting climbing frame, with the system being freestanding, I would worry about it coming free and toppling, my idea uses Kee Klamp, this means that the system will be as strong as the fixing point.

As an idea on its own, I think it has merit, in this instance I would use thick MDF cut to the right shape and stone effect paint or some treated scaffold board for a more industrial look.

top 5 DIY shelving ideas


Using the single fixing point in the middle of the shelf, I will have to see if the 61 will hold it in place like I hope it will, if not, I will add a couple of small plastic brackets to support the ends of the shelves.

This solution utilises the L61-6 fitting for the floor, wall and shelving mounts and the simple L15-6 fitting, to return the tube to the wall, its simplicity being a key factor.

Floating Shelving.

This Floating Shelf idea is great, using the Ikea “Lack” range, it re-invents the look into this unique shelving unit.

Using the 70 on the rail and the wall itself to support the shelf, the contrast of Industrial and light blue of the shelving units really makes the system stand out, Based on our standard wall mounted clothing rail, this shelving unit is strong and easy to construct.

Source: Ikea Hackers.

Supported Shelves

These Shelves use a couple of techniques that really stand out for me, by drilling through the shelf similar to our Industial space saving shelving then using the equivalent of a 25 then supported by a 15 instead of the L61, it allows you to use deeper shelves, plus I think you will agree it looks fantastic!

There is a really nice contrast with the wood wall, material of the shelving and the industrial feel  of the tube and fittings.

Source: Apartment Therapy

Stub Shelving

These Simple shelves are about as basic a design as you can get, you could replicate this using a 61 base flange, a stub of tube and an end cap, although simple the wood is the real hero here and really makes the entire thing pop out, the bottom shelf changes the design up, I would use the 25 fitting and two 15’s to create the towel rail and really enhances the aesthetic.

Again, because this would be made from Kee Klamp, the weakest point would be the wall fixing. To replicate this, look at our Table leg kits!

Source: Esty.

Wall To Celing Mounted Shelving

This design seems to be a combination of the previous two options, to recreate this, I would use the 25 fitting then returning into the wall using 61’s, I personally love the contrast using the plain, fairly unassuming wood shelving, galvanised tube against the brick, being suspended from the celling, this will enable you to utilise that lost space.

The rustic feel of this is very appealing to me and screams country home at me.

Source: froufrugal

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