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Monday, March 23, 2015

Some Bright Ideas Using Fittings

industrial lighting

It never fails to impress me when I get sent unusual applications of fittings and tube, we have seen tables, clothing rails, hand rails, gym equipment and now some bright spark has come up with light fixtures!

As the tube and fittings are all hollow, it is very simple to thread the wiring through and mount the light fixture in the fitting.

I have put together a selection my favourite fittings made into lights!

Industrial Light Fixing

This design, submitted to us via a supplier of Kee Klamp and Kee Lite in Singapore shows the L152 - 4 Hole Square Flange a small stub of tube and a standard L15 - 90° Elbow can be made into a light fixing.


Fittings Spotlight

Not your cup of tea? How about this spotlight, using an existing light-fixing with a tubular extrusion, this clever designer simply added the 15 - 90° Elbow then connected the spotlight type light fixing and fitted it all together using the grub screws.

Source: pinterest

Lighting Bracket

This Simple design uses the 65 - Standard Horizontal Railing Base and nothing else, making this to be the easiest option in terms of mounting and design, incidentally these can also be used as decent wall mounted candle holders.


Bar Light

Our Singapore office have been experimenting with using strip lighting, I like the idea of using this idea on a bar structure or window display, and using the tube light to highlight specific areas.


Overhead Lighting

And finally, this overhead lighting rig, being able to hide the cabling within the tube and fittings while still giving a certain amount of style, this design uses the 26 - Two Socket Cross and 61 - Flange to produce this effect, there are countless of other potential designs in similar styles to this, why not put one together yourself in sketchup?


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