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Monday, January 17, 2011

Kee Lite Clothes Rail and Bench

Kee Lite is a great solution for a lightweight industrial feel, Edward Pollio from New York Design and Construction designed and installed the clothes rails, racks and benches at Cap City in West New York

Edward Pollio-“The bench is constructed from layers of oak plywood using solid oak around the outside covering the edge of the plywood. There are 5 layers of plywood on the bench; the top and bottom layers are 1.5m (5’) by 750mm (30’‘). The inside layers of the bench are made up of scrap waste plywood that was left over from other projects. Instead of throwing out the waste we used it.”

We hope you agree that this is recycling at its best.

See more of Ed’s work on his web site: New York Design and Construction

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Posted on 01/17 at 07:10 PM

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