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Thursday, February 02, 2017

Easy DIY coffee table: Map design. How to build your own

DIY Kee Klamp coffee table

A while ago, we shared 5 table top ideas with you. Today, we’re excited to show you this tube and fittings coffee table that Tomos came up with.

Tomos used Kee Klamp and tube for his coffee table frame, and then created a table top using wood, glass and an old map. Because of the way it was designed, this table can hold a lot of weight, making it a very durable option.

DIY coffee table using Kee Klamp and tube

The table top can sit between the tube frame if M50 fittings are being used.

Here’s an example of a concrete coffee table that our US colleagues have put together, that allows the recessed build:


Build your own coffee table

And here’s how you can create a similar table:

Easy DIY coffee table

What you need


Assemble all your fittings and tube using the drawing below:

How to put together a pipe and Kee Klamp coffee table

Make sure that you insert your M50 fittings on each 1m and 0.92m tube, approximately half-way through. These will support the weight of your table top on their own, so ensure they do not become loose.

You can choose any table top, but if you would like to recreate the map style, use wood as your base, glass cut to size, and a map that you can place between the wood and the glass.

By the end of the project, you should have a table that looks like this:

Map design Kee Klamp tube coffee table

Feeling inspired?

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Posted on 02/02 at 09:43 AM

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